Thursday, October 31, 2019

Divorce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Divorce - Essay Example But it is only a background: each divorce has own main and accompanying reasons and motives. Divorce doesnt happen unexpectedly. As a rule it is preceded by the period of the conflict relations in a family. The thoughts about the divorce reflect the degree of satisfaction with the relationships in a family (Simons, 1996). Till 1980s sociologists believed that women suffer from divorce more than men (material difficulties, looking for a job, taking care of children, limited opportunities to get a new family, etc.). Since 1980s psychologists came to the conclusion that the men need marriage even more, than women. â€Å"Nearly all people enter marriage with the hope and expectation that their marriage will be a lifelong, mutually rewarding relationship. So it’s not surprising that divorce is a painful experience for almost everyone† (What are the possible consequences of divorce for adults?) .Their dissatisfaction with loneliness is sharper and longer. Men have more opportunities to find a new partner, but many of divorced men stay alone. After divorce the budget of a man is reduced. Moral damage is connected with the restriction of opportunities to see the children. Divorced women strongly suffer from the feeling that they are not needed any more. They perceive emotional difficulties of divorce more intensively, but come to psychological balance rather quickly (Bianchi, Subaiya, & Kahn, 1999). The strength of suffering of the divorced spouses depends on the unexpectedness of divorce. The one who was offered to divorce suffers more. Aged people get a bigger trauma, than young, because for them it is more difficult to adapt to new life. Among newly divorced men and women the level of alcoholism, physical diseases and depressions is higher that often is a direct result of change of life after divorce. However, for some people divorce is a desired relief, which brings freedom from restrictions, duties and sincere

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