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Impact of Mobiles on Youth Essay

Globalization has many aspects. It contains important discursive aspects in the form of ideologically charged narratives that put before the public a particular agenda of topics for discussion, question to ask and claims to make. The whole world is accepting and adopting the ways towards the advancement of technology. The youth is playing a vital role in this rapid pace. The strong and mighty cultures are toppling the frail ones. Unfortunately the countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have strong cultural values, norms and customs that are easily fettered by the western cultural onslaught. Our youth is concentrating on some bad choices. In this global village, firstly our youth was allured to divert their attention towards the internet. They have changed a lot by the usage of internet. A few of them have inclined for knowledge, information, awareness and exposure but the majority of them appear to have misused the internet. To some extent, people were done up and vexed with internet but due to the ensconsment of cellular technology all gaps have been bridged for the destruction of youth. The telecommunication companies in our country have been inclined towards introducing new and attractive packages for youth like Mobilink (ladies first, happy hours), Warid (zem series), Ufone (public demand, prepay life panch ka pandra, u circle) Telenor (talkshawk Aone, djuice) and Zong’s life package. The question arises why these companies are introducing these packages without the social mobilization to check the mindset of the youth. Are they trying to facilitate the common man or only youth? I think except on very urgent occasions ordinarily no one would like to talk after midnight. All necessary and normal interactions can be dealt with during daytime but the companies offer the packages that start after end of family or business communication. My feeling is that these packages are more likely to spoil and ravage our youth than to do anything else. In our youth segment the majority is student community that is spell bounded by these packages. They are losing the essence of their profession/studies. They are derailing and deviating themselves. They are getting away from their goals, destinies and motives. Their minds are becoming stagnant and static. Creativity and innovation is blocked by the consistent telephonic conversations spread over the whole of night. They are losing their interest towards the interactions and sociality. Alienation is increasing within small community or groups of people. In one room four roommates are strangers to one another. They never try to tie up the relation because they don’t have a pinch of time. By talking whole night with opposite sex, they are getting psychologically weak and pressured. There are many other physical distortions also arising due to spending the precious time which is needed compulsory rest, relaxation, relief and mental health. Due to spending whole nights the absenteeism is skyrocketing in every profession. They are going far and far away from the hold of families. They tell lies and have false communication with their parents. They are betraying the decisions, trust and expectations of their parents. They are traveling towards the lone parent family system in which one is not accountable to anyone and he is the only decision maker. Such kind of behavior is leading towards the social fragmentation and terrible decline of moral values in which respect is core one. They are crossing the restraints and limitations, very essential for the well integrated society. Due to the bogus projection of the companies their effectiveness and determination is diminishing if we put a furtive glimpse on the chart of protests and rallies conducted against the negative policies, the ratio of youth’ contribution is at minor level and seems vanished because they have engrossed in making affairs and spending their potential and energy to locate the suitable packages. Their mental approach is revolving around sexual satisfaction. Other emotions and sentiments are pushed oblivion, there are forgetting that there are so many matters that need their kind attention. They have obsessed devoid of manners and healthy attitude to other requisites and needs. It is obliterating the mental capacity and concentration of the youth like plague. There is a critical and pathetic state prevailing over the sky of our nation. The whole nation is passing through the chaos, disturbance and mental incapacitation. We are not realizing that what is worth of our youth? That’s why we ourselves are paving the way for our youth towards the devastation and shoving them into fire. The mobile companies have every right to work out innovative packages offering greater value of money to their customers. But they should not making profits by compromising on the interests of the young generation.

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Product Proposal Template

Product Proposal Template †¢ [Bulleted lists and bracketed text are descriptive, and should not appear in final documents. ] †¢ Assume your proposal will be one of many reviewed by potential investors. It should be accurate, concise, and self-contained. Don't assume the reader is familiar with you or your product. †¢ The proposal should be well organized, clearly written, and flow smoothly from one item to the next. The style and information should be consistent, even if different people write different parts. †¢ Use graphics (charts, diagrams, etc) where they can be more effective than text (â€Å"a picture is worth a thousand words†).Do not use cutesy or unnecessary pictures. †¢ Include or attach tables or spreadsheets for lists and comparisons. Product Proposal for [Concept] Executive Summary †¢ Write the summary last, not first. †¢ Summarize all key ideas from the proposal in less than one page. †¢ Describe the product in the first p aragraph. †¢ Do not use graphics, tables, etc. Overview 1 Introduction †¢ Describe the product, its key features and functionality. 2 Abbreviations and Definitions †¢ List and define all abbreviations and non-standard terms used. 3 Background Describe any background required to understand the product or its importance, including market or technology trends.Market Analysis 1 Needs Analysis †¢ Describe who needs the product, and why. †¢ For each market of interest, describe key characteristics, including size. †¢ Summarize the customer’s total cost. Include hardware unless you are assuming that your customers already own the necessary hardware. 2 Competitive Analysis †¢ Describe competing products, and their relative strengths ; weaknesses. †¢ Include or attach a table to summarize key characteristics. †¢ Use text (or subsections) for details not easily captured in the table. Feature or Characteristic |[Proposed Product] |Competitor( s) | | | |[#1] |[#2] |[#3] |[#4] | | | | | | | | Requirements 1 Actors ; Use Cases †¢ Describe the general categories of people who will use the product. †¢ Describe any external systems that will interact with the product. For each actor, describe why and how they interact with the product. †¢ For each actor, describe any special characteristics or background.†¢ Include or attach a table to summarize which actors perform which use cases, especially if there is overlap. |Use Case |Actor(s) | | |[#1] |[#2] |[#3] |[#4] |[#5] | | | | | | | | Requirements †¢ Include or attach a table (or a full spreadsheet) to list and describe key requirements, such as: o hardware or software (platform dependencies) o performance o networking o concurrency o data storage o internationalization (multiple languages, currencies, time zones) o error handling ; security o testing ; documentation o installation Category |Requirement |Priorit|Phase |Cost | | | |y | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 3 Deliverables List and describe items that must be completed in order to complete this product, such as: o hardware components o software components o packaging ; documentation o licenses, user names, passwords Design 1 User Interfaces †¢ Describe the user interface(s). †¢ Include or attach sketches or mockups of GUI screens where applicable. 2 UML Design Diagrams†¢ Describe the key data objects and relationships (data diagrams). †¢ Describe any complex interactions among actors and product components (interaction diagrams). †¢ Describe the logical and physical architecture (deployment diagrams). Include or attach diagrams where applicable. 3 Other †¢ Describe any other design issues, such as: o novel algorithms or data structures o significant challenges or risks o 3rd party components you will use (commercial, open source, etc) o potential patents Project Plan 1 Team and Organization †¢ Describe each member of your team and their roles and responsibilities. †¢ Describe any missing skills you will need to make this product successful. †¢ Describe how your team is organized. 2 Estimates ; Schedule †¢ Describe the expected project schedule. Include or attach applicable tables or planning diagrams, such as: o work breakdown schedules (WBS) o PERT/CPM networks, Gantt charts, etc. (if applicable) |Date |Owner |Action or Deliverable | | | | | | | | |Resource ; Budget Requirements †¢ List and describe any needed resources (equipment, facilities, services, etc). †¢ List all costs required to build and deploy the product, including: o Supporting hardware and software that must be purchased o Effort by developers, testers, writers, etc o Sales and marketing †¢ List expected revenue sources and projected revenue. †¢ Describe your expected profit margin. †¢ Include or attach applicable tables or spreadsheets. Category |Item |Count |Unit Cost |Total Cost | | | | | | | | | | | | | 4 Risks †¢ List and describe risks that could affect features, schedule, or cost. For each, estimate probability and impact, and describe possible responses. †¢ Include or attach applicable tables or spreadsheets. |Category |Risk |Prob |Impact |Response | | | | | | | | | | | | |References †¢ List citations for any published material (including books, articles, product documentation, and web pages) used when preparing the proposal, whether or not they are quoted or cited elsewhere in the proposal.

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Prodigal Summer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Prodigal Summer - Essay Example Since, there is no clear answer to love many would wonder why one would choose estrangement over love, and empathy. Many psychologists, sociologists, and psychiatrists think that love, and empathy are two different things. Many psychologists, sociologist, and psychiatrists think that love developed from empathy (Allot, 1). Because love developed from empathy many think that empathy developed from the mother, and child bond. When there is no empathy as an infant, and young child as the child grows older than the child will develop an estrangement to love (Allot, 1). When one develops an estrangement in life as an adult it is not necessarily then because there was no empathy at all between mother, and child. However, the mother may have developed problems in the mother’s own life. The mother may have developed a drug, or alcohol addiction (Allot, 1). Oftentimes when a mother tries to love the child, and the child is in an environment and there is a drug, or alcohol addiction the child may begin to resist the love from the mother. The child may begin to grow old, and begin to do follow-up a false sense of what love is. When children grow up and develop a false sense of what love is the child may become addicted to drugs, alcohol, or even sex. Since, children learn love from the mother, the father, and other important figures in the child’s life than estrangement, cannot be it a choice. When estrangement is not necessarily a choice the child, who grew into an adult and became estranged from life should it receive empathy from those around. However, someone like this who has an estrangement from life would not necessarily receive empathy from those around. When the child grows into young adulthood and develops a estrangement from life the child may develop in addiction of alcohol, drugs, or sex. Many young adults, and adults who have an estrangement will develop an addiction to alcohol, drug, or sex addiction because the addiction is a replacement for the empathy, and love this is child has never received. The young adult who develops an addiction to sex is sometimes associates sex as a form of love, instead of associating sex as part of a loving, and meaningful relationship. Studies have found that love can be very positive for a person. When a person finds love a person will develop a deeper understanding of those around the person. Developing a deeper understanding of those around is part of a deeper understanding of empathy. When a person has no empathy, and love in life the person cannot understand the emotions of anyone else. Many psychologists, sociologists, and psychiatrists in the past want to know about love and if love is just something that merely happens. Many who study love want to know if love is just a mistake, and if those who do find love were nearly in the right place, at the right time. However, after studying animals in the wild, and seeing how animals react to their own young has given psychologists, sociolo gists, and psychiatrists a deeper understanding of why some people find love, and others do not. Animals in the wild give their young empathy. So in conclusion of studying animals many psychiatrists, sociologist, and psychologists have come to the conclusion that love is not something that just happens. Love is not just something that happens because love is something one learns. Love is taught in infancy. Just like the animals with their young who the young animals

Barclays Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Barclays Case Study - Essay Example A number of change management theories help explain this shift in the image of the bank. The theory of open systems forms a good starting point. A corporation such as Barclays constitutes a system. Like any other system, the corporation is made of several components that function together as a unit(Kettinger & Grover, 1995). These components take the form of the internal and the external environments. The internal environment refers to those factors that affect the corporation and over which the corporation has considerable control. These factors include the employees of the corporation. The external environment, by contrast, refers to those factors that are external to the corporation in the sense that the corporation has little or no control over them even though they still affect the daily operation of the organization. These include competition and government regulation. An open system is one that exchanges feedback with its external environment on a regular basis. Given that the organization has limited or no control over the external environment, a healthy open system adjusts the internal factors as needed in order to realize the goals of the entire system(Tam, 1999). Several aspects are necessary for a functional open system. These include the external environment, boundaries and equifinality. Of the external environment, government regulation is arguably one of the most important factors in the case of Barclays given that, the world over, governments regulate the banking industry heavily. Every system has boundaries even though these can be difficult to delimit. An open system should have a porous boundary that allows the exchange of information. In the case of Barclays, it is possible that the bank has deliberately made it difficult for the regulator to access information on their activities, thereby creating a conducive environment for busines s malpractice to thrive. The concept of

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Small Scale Industries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Small Scale Industries - Essay Example As an example consider the case of Jordan. The strength of SSI in Jordan was 84% of the total established industries during the period of 1990-1998 which escalated to almost 90% of the total industries during the period of1999-2006 (Hachure cited in Lozi, 2008).Contrary to this , the Mexican experience shows that only 70.000 projects go to the second year from 200,000 started annually. (Bencivenga, V. Bruce, S. and Starr, R. 1995). Different countries have different ceiling of labor size for an industry to be labeled as small scale. For e. g. 15 workers in Iraq and Ghana, while Egypt, Belgium and Denmark have raised the ceiling for labor not exceeding 50 workers. In contrast , countries such as France and Italy adopted the criterion of 500 workers to distinguish between small-scale and other industries But in Japan and in the United States the total number of workers working in small scale industries was set at 300 in Japan and 1000 workers in the United States(Subramanian 1995). The globally important sector has not been free from dilemma and troubles in the post-reforms period; whether it is lack of infrastructure, technology or is of credit crunch. The present research is an attempt to analyze national policy decisions and industry initiatives affecting the sector, particularly in the developing nations where these industry have considerable economic importance.. 2. Literature Review 2.1 Pre-liberalization factors affecting SSI In the developing countries, Small scale Industries (SSI) have been pioneer in generating employment. These have greater advantage compared to the large enterprises in manufacturing especially in items that involve a larger share of value added from labor. The SSIs employ not only skilled but semiskilled and even unskilled labor. Manufacturing sector has better prospects in the trade particularly if the product is competitive, durable and upto the standards (Morris and Basant, 2006)). The SSIs were contributing to GDP considerably prior to liberalization also (Table -1) (World Bank, 1986). Morris and Basant (2006) have critically analyzed some of the areas that have affected growth of SSI in India. These are: The researchers have found policies based on reservations, duty concessions, directed credit, and government regulation, controls, and extension and such short sighted policies began initially for SSI; the macro- economy favoring policies such as monetary, fiscal, infrastructure and development oriented remained inadequately addressed. The non-affordability of infrastructure by SSIs is a deterrent to their expansion and survival in this liberalization period. SSIs have capacity to grow upward provided given impetus Table -1. The Japanese experiment has shown the way as to how the traditional industries, producing a wide variety of consumer products, could evolve into small and medium enterprises (SMEs) when these are able to renew technology and do not have financial crunch. India, of all the developing nations, was at greatest advantage to cash on falling tariffs under General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in textile and many light engineering, handicraft and other manufacturing units.

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Coca Cola Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Coca Cola Company - Essay Example Many consequences arose as a result of this move. The first consequence and a positive one is the fact that people accepted the move because they saw it as a way of environmental conservation. The negative consequences are seen it terms of the confusion it created. People could not differentiate the diet coke from the regular coke. Secondly, people were loyal to the red can and therefore changing to white was like playing with their minds and this made it difficult for them to even buy the drink (abc). The case of coca cola confirms the view that people buy products to satisfy their need. They attach a certain meaning to a give product and develop a relationship with the brand. They therefore become loyal to the brand and changing any aspect of it may anger consumers and the consequences may be dire for a company. People identify with their brands and in so doing develop a relationship with the brand to the extent that their beliefs and attitudes towards the product become permanent. A slight change becomes costly to the company (Helm). As discussed above, consumers often build relationships with products over time. These relationships are as a result of the beliefs and attitudes that they hold about a particular product or service. These attitudes and beliefs shape their perceptions about the product and its perceived value. The perceived value the customers attach to a product is as a result of the benefits that they get as a result of using the product. The product may perform relatively high above the performance of other competitive products or it may offer better service to them or even it may be of superior quality than competitive products. The difference may be small but this generates customer loyalty to the product and thus subsequent purchase of the product is guaranteed (Mullins and Walker 13-16). Product perception can be defined as the individual’s mental impression of a stimulus object in this case a product. People have different percept ions about products and no two people think alike about the same product. Perception is selective, is organized, and depends on personal and stimulus factors (Helm). It is important that companies build a brand and work on maintaining the brand and its associated images and product designs. A change in this creates conflict within the customer’s minds altering their beliefs and attitudes towards the product (Mullins and Walker 18). Some customers take time to adjust to the change will others fear change and therefore prefer to stick with what they know about their product. This was the case for Coca Cola and the white cans. The introduction of the white cans violated the expectations of the consumers and thus creating the confusion and this led to subsequent rejection of the white cans. This process of rejection of the white cans can be explained by the cognitive dissonance theory. According to this theory, there is always a tendency for individuals to seek consistency among their cognitions that is their beliefs, opinions, attitudes etc. when there is an inconsistency between the attitudes or behaviors often referred to as dissonance, then something must change to eliminate the dissonance. In the case of a discrepancy between attitudes and behavior, it is most likely that the attitude will change to accommodate the behavior (Blythe 161-162). Two factors affect the

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Department of Maritime and Logistics Management Essay - 1

Department of Maritime and Logistics Management - Essay Example Businesses tend to opt for air cargo due to quick and safe on time delivery. The cargo handling and processing procedure is critical as goods need to be transported elegantly and safely (Wensveen, 2012,p.14). Airlines throughout the globe ensure to deliver best cargo services as revenue generation from cargo is more than passengers’ shipment. The purpose of this paper is to elucidate about the acquisitions and deployment of aircrafts into the fleets. The key factors involved in the aircrafts addition to the fleets have been elaborated. Furthermore, the air cargo handling procedure along with the difference from handling passengers and luggage is demonstrated. The intention remains to present the entire view about the airlines logistics management. Acquisitions and Deployment of Aircrafts: The addition of aircrafts into the fleet is a matter of serious concern for the organization. Several elements need to be examined before taking this step. Initially the need and requirement paradigm is explored. The strategic business units dig in that either it is adequate and necessary to pursue for this step or not. The organizational expeditions are certainly expanded by opting for the option of adding aircrafts into the fleet. The mergers and acquisitions in the airlines industry have not worked out pretty well in the past. The only successful merger was of Air France with KLM in 2004, making it Air France KLM. The newly merged company escorted for adding new aircrafts into the fleet but that decision was made after one year operations collectively (Gudmundsson, 2010, p.48). The management of aircrafts previously became an issue for the organization but they sorted it out by inaugurating information systems into the firm. All the operations were virtually connected and scheduling of flights and delivery of cargo was certainly more transparent and viable. After getting heads up in the respective area, Air France KLM went to the addition of aircrafts into the fleet (Romano, 2012, p.23). Some of the key factors that need to be considered airline’s decision in adding aircrafts into the fleet are given below. Organizational Status: The airlines need to determine that either it is internally strong enough to deploy and acquire aircrafts into the fleet. The strategic business department of the airline needs to watch this matter deeply and scrutinize that either is the organization capable to handle the load. The requirement aspect wants to be covered too. The addition of aircrafts into the fleet without acknowledging, that either airlines market position is stable or not is vital. The organization propensity and tendency is crucial too. The addition of aircrafts requires expansion in staff and more finances for the organization. Some of the airlines go for acquisition and deployment step without working on these steps (Borken-Kleefeld, Berntsen and Fuglestvedt, 2010, p.5702). The precise understanding of the magnitude of coming events is imp ortant in the airlines industry. There are several external and internal factors that affect business endeavors of airlines industry, so it is eminent for the firms to concisely acknowledge the organizational status before stepping into something deep. The customers and business requirement is secondary issue but it is of much more significance. Airlines should have well equipped technological setup that would create synergy between the

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Stingray's camuoflage, sting, and its adaptations to be more Research Paper

Stingray's camuoflage, sting, and its adaptations to be more successful in hunting - Research Paper Example Adaptation can either be physiological or structural. Structural adaptation entails the development of the structural traits due to the evolution by natural selection and mutation. On the other hand, physiological adaptation entails the development of the physiological traits on evolution of the structural traits. Physiological adaptation refers to adjustment of the living matter to the conditions in the surrounding environment and to the other living things during the lifetime of an organism. It describes the systematic response of an organism to specific external stimulus to maintain homeostasis and entails the biological change in an organism towards response on conditional changes. Physiological adaptation improves the ability by an organism to cope with the changing environment, and it entails hibernation, migration or emission of smell among others (Chisholm, Whittington & Fischer, 2004). Stingrays refer to flat marine fish mostly in warm water. Stingray is a group of fish related to the shark family. They are cartilaginous fishes classified in the subclass elasmobranchii and order mliobatiformes. They consist of eight families; deep water stingray (plesiobatidae), six gill stingray (hexatrygonidae), round rays (urotrygonidae), stingarees (urolophidae), butterfly rays (gymnuridae), whiptail stingrays (dasyatidae), eagle rays (myliobatidae), and river stingrays (potamotrygonidae) (Diaz & James, 2008). Stingrays live in both marine and freshwater habitats. Stingray has stinger at the tail end, which pierces the prey before escape. The stinger is razor-sharp, serrated, attached and barbed to the tail. The stingray can whip the stinger extremely quickly when attacking the prey (Dulci, Jardas & Onofri, 2003). The thin tail is agile and extremely flexible. The sting size is dependent on the species of the Stingray. Stingray is carnivorous in

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The Human Being and Living The Good Life Essay Example for Free

The Human Being and Living The Good Life Essay This paper contains the different definitions of what it means to be a human being and living a good life. In this paper we will take a look at Hobbes and Augustine’s definition of the human being and the good life. Both of these philosophers give examples of what they think the good life is, and the desires of human nature. In this paper I will talk about Augustine and his thought of how in order to live a good life, one needs to seek God to find true happiness. I will also talk about what being a human being and living the good life means to Hobbes, and his thought of how human equality is the ticket to happiness and the good life. I think Augustine offers a more accurate description of the human being and the good life because I agree that true happiness can’t be found in earthly things. I believe there is much more to life than finding happiness and self-worth in success, money, fame, popularity, and etc. Life chasing after materialistic items won’t bring you happiness because you will always feel like there is something more you want and desire, the materialistic items won’t satisfy you. Augustine’s definition of the human nature is one that is a God-seeker. Augustine agrees with Plato that the human nature has a mind to think and choose. He also believes that human beings have the free will to choose between good and evil. He believes that the human beings search for ultimate fulfillment and happiness. He believes that the good life is a life following God. Augustine believes that the only way to find eternal happiness and live a fulfilled life is following God because human beings are born as natural sinners; only when we find God, the emptiness in our heart is filled with eternal love and happiness. His definition of the good life is not one free of suffering, troubles, or sorrow, but one with faith in God. He believes that the grace of God is what will make u s happy and a relationship with God is true happiness. He believes that when we seek materialistic existence it ultimately leads to despair. He believes that a person that chases materialistic items is one who is selfish, because that person is always thinking about what the world/ another person can do for me; A godly person is one who appreciates the world for who it is and  another person for who he/she is. A godly person finds the life fulfilled. He believes that because human beings are all sinners, chasing after materialistic items will only lead to more sin and addiction, it won’t give us the ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment. Augustine shares his personal experience with us about how he chased after materialistic items and stole for fun, but it was never enough to fulfill him. He talks about his lust and search for love, but he didn’t find true love, fulfillment, or happiness until he found God. Human beings are the same, they chase after fame, money, popularity, success, and material items, but they will always feel the void, emptiness, and unfulfilled. Materialistic happiness is only temporary. Ultimate fulfillment and happiness requires spiritual existence and not tangible existence. Hobbes believes that the definition of human nature is a person who desires happiness. Hobbes believes that happiness is relative to the individual. There is no universal happiness. Hobbes believes that human beings are self-centered, self- preservative, and desire power. Hobbes believed that the state of nature would lead to the state of war because there are no laws in the state of nature, human beings have absolute freedom and the absolute freedom will lead to a constant state of fear. Hobbes believes that human beings are self-centered and self-preservative because they think about themselves before thinking about others. Hobbes believes that the basic components of human nature are competitiveness, diffidence, and glory. We do whatever we can to defend what we have, which makes us diffident. We all seek to have the repetition that others admire, which makes us seeking of glory. Hobbes believes that human equality is the good life. He believes that humans are equal in terms of body and mind. We are equal in body because we all have the ability and strength to kill each other. We are equal in mind because of prudent and practical intelligence (knowledge gained through experience). We all share the ability to learn from experience. That is why for Hobbes, everyone deserves the same rights and all rights. He believes that the only way to reach happiness and the good life is equality because human beings are naturally competitive. If everyone and everything is equal, then the competition will not be there because everyone is getting all the same things and same rights and there is nothing to fight over, so there will be peace. I think Augustine gives a better description of the human being because I agree that chasing after materialistic items can’t fill the empty void that is felt in the heart, only the love and mercy of God can fill that empty void. I believe that God created us and we won’t feel that everlasting love or happiness until we find God again, and I believe that only He can fill that empty void in our hearts. The materialistic items can bring temporary happiness and joy but that happiness and joy will eventually go away, and you feel that emptiness again. I agree that all human beings are born as sinners and we go after materialistic items like money, fame, popularity, success, love, and etc., and even when we do have all those materialistic items, we always want more. Human beings are selfish and enough never seems to exist in our vocabulary. I can speak from my personal experience because I desire for money, success, love, fame, and popularity as well. Even though I have a part-time job and I’m making enough money for me to spend on food, daily necessities, clothes, entertainment, and enjoyment, it still doesn’t seem enough. I always want to make more money, because to me there is no such thing as too much money. I desire for success because being successful means you can make lots of money and get lots of fame and popularity. I like to feel loved, whether it is by friends, family, or a significant other. Like Augustine, I realized that all these materialistic items brings me temporary joy, happiness, and fulfillment but it doesn’t last because it still doesn’t feel like it’s enough to make me feel satisfied. It wasn’t until one of my friends starting bringing me to church, and I learned about God and the love and mercy He has shown us and given us; it was then that I realized that I need God in my life. After finding God and accepting Him, I felt the emptiness in my heart that I tried to fill with materialistic items and temporary happiness, was finally filled with eternal happiness and fulfillment. I knew that the good life and living a life following God didn’t mean that I wouldn’t be facing trouble or that life was going to be easy, that I wasn’t going to face trials, temptations, or sufferings, but I knew that a life following God meant happiness and faith and trust that God will be there for me no matter what. Having that faith in Him made me fill fulfilled. I also began looking at things differently, instead of thinking about myself and the things I can get from money, fame, popularity, or success, I began thinking about how I can give to others and society with  the success or money or fame I have or will have. I began to think of the things I can do for others or for society, instead of what others or the society can do for me. I became more selfless i nstead of being selfish. Even though my life isn’t perfect and I still face sufferings and trails daily, I feel fulfilled because I have God in my life; and I wasn’t able to feel this way or find this happiness when chasing after the materialistic goods. That is why I believe Augustine’s definition is an accurate one. We can spend our entire life searching for happiness and we can have all the money in the world, or all the fame and popularity in the world, and we can feel loved by our significant others and family members and friends, but we will still feel unhappy, empty, lonely, or something is missing. God alone can fill that emptiness and loneliness, no one or nothing else can fill it. That is why I believe that even though following God may not be perfect and easy, that everlasting happiness and eternal love is worth it. Hobbes is right that the human beings desire happiness and is selfish and competitive and want popularity. However, I disagree that there is no universal happiness. There is universal happiness for whoever finds God. I believe that because we were all born as sinners, accepting God as our savior and knowing that He loves us even after all the sin we commit, we’ve committed, and we will commit, will makes us feel loved and accepted by our Heavenly Father. That is the fulfillment we need. We can find everlasting love and eternal happiness in our Heavenly Father. That is why I believe that in order to have a good life, one has to seek God and live for and through Him.

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The systems development life cycle Essay Example for Free

The systems development life cycle Essay THE SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE A system has various stages of development called the system development life cycle. This cycle consists of four stages: Planning and investigation, analysis, design and implementation, follow up, and maintenance stages. Planning and investigation involves an investigation of an already created system, organizing a system study team and developing strategic plans for the rest of the study. The analysis portion of the life cycle consists of analyzing the company’s current system in order to determine the information needs, strengths, and weaknesses of the existing system. The design stage of the life cycle consists of the changes that eliminate or minimize the current systems flaws and weaknesses while increasing or preserving the strengths. Implementation, follow up and maintenance includes obtaining resources for the new systems as well as training new or existing employees to use it. Companies then conduct follow up studies to determine whether or not the new system is successful and to identify any new problems with it. Of course, businesses must maintain the system like correcting minor flaws and updating the system. There is not really a distinct way to determine when the stage is reached or even completed, which is why it is called a cycle because it is continuous. For example, follow up studies of a system should be a continuous process. Companies constantly reevaluate systems to make sure they work the way they should because if problems in the system  re-surface or a new problem appears the life cycle starts over again starting with the system study. Also, since the system study is based off of already existing systems it is a never ending cycle so there is no real way to know when the cycle is completed or a certain stage reached. Often businesses will perform two or more stages of the life cycle simultaneously so multiple stages can be reached at once and the steps of the life cycle do not necessarily always happen in order. These stages of system development make up its life style, planning and investigation, analysis, design and implementation, follow up, and maintenance and are all necessary stages for a systems success.

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Architectural History of Blenheim Palace

Architectural History of Blenheim Palace INTRODUCTION Blenheim Palace is the one of the huge building in England and it was designed by playwright Sir John Vanbrugh, assistants  Nicholas Hawksmoor, and landscape architect Lancelot Brown (Capability Brown). An impressive example of 18th English baroque style. It was located at a town in southwestern New York, Oxfordshire,  England. Formerly it was called by â€Å"Woodstock Manor†, This building of the palace was originally intended to be a reward tothe first duke Marlborough, John Churchill. [1] It was built in 1705 when Queen Anne bestows to John Churchill, he was Winston Churchill forefather. This was to celebrate the victory over the French in the War of the Spanish Succession in 1704. By Blenheim Palace as the axis a huge palace building complex, it was the center of Woodstock. Beside this hidden a lot of precious oil painting and sculpture of magnificent palace, it also had a lake, pasture and a typical of English manor. Even though in later period had add in a lot of art ificial features, but it is still a faction elegant English-style afternoon tea. Blenheim palace is an immortal country house, one of the England’s largest country house. it is the only non-royal, non-episcopal in England to hold the title of palace. [2] This is a territory of the Oxfordshire quiet, green village. Futhermore, Winston Churchill was born in Blenheim Palace, the former Prime Minister of the England. In 1988, Blenheim Palace was list as cultural heritage of the world. In early the 20th, the 9th Duke of Marlborough, Charles Richard John Spencer-Churchill, was rebuilt the east and west sides in the shape neat gardens. This pattern of garden, had become a lawn. Regarding to the famous architect and sculptor, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the 9th Duke of Marlborough, he was praised to him. Figure 1: Front view of Blenheim Palace Source: Source of Name The origin name of Blenheim Palace was come from a decisive war at the north shore of the Danube and it was happened in 13th August 1704. In a north shore of the Danube, nearby had a small village called Blenheim. It was built as a gift to the 1st Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill the military commander who led the Allied forces in the Battle of Blenheim on 13th August 1704. It was Marlborough who personally received the surrender from Marshall Tallard, leader of the French forces, following the battle.[3] Charity generous queen Anne giving the â€Å"Woodstock† royal honor and the construction of â€Å"Blenheim Palace† as a gift. The construction of this building start from 1705 to 1722 by Mr. Wenbuhler.The title of â€Å" Woodstock of the royal honor and building given by her majesty the queen Anne and confirmed by parliament.[4] In 1712, the construction of Blenheim Palace forced to stop all work. Since when Duke Marlborough continue across work for the queen, host ile forces are trying to think of ways to destroyed the queen for his love. Finally, the funds approval to build Blenheim Palace did not get, so that they owned the masonry, sculptor and other things include the architect. [1] [2] [3] [4] Architectural Style Interior Design Blenheim Palace, the main building consists of two wings on the main building and courtyards. The exterior mixed with Collins-style colonnades and tower with Baroque style. High uplift of the triangular wall, forming patchwork of facade line. Entering the hall, it is surrounded salon, reception room, library, living room, all surrounded by a small courtyard, connected by corridors and hall. Furnishings with families portrait paintings, tapestries and a variety of decorative ornaments, each one from the hands of masters. To mimic the natural landscape sculpture gardens seldom do the decoration, while Blenheim Palace is a French Baroque garden. Sculptures are visible everywhere. The Grand Bridge Blenheim palace is an English baroque architecture. In 1709, the manor was destructed by the Duchess of Marlboroughs command, the foundation of Vanbrughs Grand Bridge used a lot of rubber to fill up. When John Churchill and Vanbrugh walking though inquired into Woodstock Park, they saw a valley of marsh, this gave Sir Vangbrugh some inspiration, he created and designed the fitnest bridgein Europe. Since in 1711, Marburg was the Queen of favor and banished several years. Sarah Churchill, the first duchess, she finished the Blenheim with Vanbrugh by their own expense, even though they faced a lot of budjet problem and enter the prohibited place. Figure 2: The Grand Bridge of Blenheim Palace Source: From the figure 2 above, can see the sea is surrounding the grand bridge. After the first duke died, his wife called in Colonel John Armstrong, he was a chief engineer, to re-designed the water-works in the park. The Great Hall The most amazing thing is the grand lobby, especially theGibbons hall. The hall is 67’ ft high, due to James Thornhill who is an english painter of historical subject, in 1716 he painted the ceilings of blenheim palace, according the order of war and to expand in blenheim palace, and to show the Madero victory. Futhermore, there had stone carving by Grinling Gibbons. However, the 9th Dukes bronze bust was made by Sir Jacob Epstein. Sarah Churchill was famous on bargain prices, she always argue with the workers that she hire. In a similar situation, she was argue with Grinling Gibbons, the master carver, he haven’t complete the work on house, but after that he never returned to complete and continue his work. Figure 3: Great Hall of Blenheim Palace Source: The Saloon The Saloon, can only use once a year in Christmas dinner for the family of Duke Marlborough. In this elegant and classic room painted murals and paintings of French artist Louis Laguerre. Figure 4: Saloon ceiling of Blenheim Source:,-Oxfordshire-The-Apotheosis-of-Hercules Sarah Churchill were instructed to the first duke, John Churchill report the victory to Queen Anne. John Churchill used solid silver centerpiece writing the dispatch on horseback to his wife in this room. The centerpiece was made byGarrard, the Crown Jewellers. [5] The Green Writing Room In addition to Blenheim’s wall, there were thick tapestries made of expensive fabrics hang from the wall, describing the surrender from French on the battle been accepted by Marlborough in the green writing room. A carefully planned bureau in the room, the style of decorated was a modern inlay style, and this was made from the Queen’s nephew. The Long Library The long library, is one of the private house in Britain, the long library it was originally designed for the gallery, designed by Vanbrugh and Nicholes Hawksmoor. The library can contain around 10,000 books, the largely collection was from 9th Duke. Inside the wall, at the northern end, hang in a systemic statue of Queen Anne, King William III and the first duke, John Churchill. Maybe the most compelling place in the room is the magnificent Willis government agencies. In 1891, there was an organ belongs to Henry Willis and he designed it. This is the most ou tstanding room from Hawksmoor’s designed. The ordinary stucco ceilings designed, included two false domes, was completed in 1725. Figure 5: The Long Library Source: Due to the figure 3 above, there have a blank ceiling. At first, Sir James Thornhill was entrusted to filled up allegorical scenes. But it was too expensive, so they remained blank. The interesting things is, in 18th century, the blank and plane ceiling giving simple appearance to show atypical of the neoclassical or Georgian style of the Robert Adam. For many years, this long library had a number variety of uses. During World War I it was a hospital ward and during World War II it served as a dormitory for Malvern College boys. [6] [5] [6] 3.2 The Water Terraces Due to the water terraces of Blenheim palace, Winston Churchill was be responsible for the creation of a huge lake, the artificial fluctuations and a series of water cascades. He wrote that Blenheim’s unique attraction lie in its perfect adaptation of English parkland to an Italian palace. The â€Å"Italian palace† it seems to be part of the reference about the unique garden, the western water terraces, designed bythe French landscape architectAchille Duchà ªne. Figure 6: The upper water terrace in Blenheim Palace Source: During the 9th Duke of Marlborough, water terraces was built. It was built form 1925 to 1930, took around five years. The lower Water Terrace, separated from the upper Water Terrace by a wall of caryatids and tiered shells has been compared to the Parterre dEau at Versailles. Reportedly, the Water Terraces were inspired by the sculptor Bernini. The sphinx is one of pair with heads modeled on the features of the 9th Dukes second American wife Gladys Deacon. It was created by Ward Willis in 1930. Another piece of sculpture on the lower Water Terrace was modeled on local man and gardener by Bert Timms of Hanborough. Due to the story, he got inspired when walking through the garden and noticed who was carving Visseau at the time, As a result, he made the model of the head and torso of the leftmost caryatid on the wall that separates the two Water Terraces at Blenheim When walk in through, there had an archway describe about British lion forced down to a cockerel (the emblem of France). Altogether, on the exterior there were almost 15 references to mention British Victories against the French. 4.0 Architectural History In 13 August 1704, John Churchill achieved victory the Battle of Blenheim, who led the Allied forces. He was defeated in Bavaria with army of Louis XIV, in order to award his feats, he was awarded be the first Duke of Marlborough the king and giving him the construction of Blenheim as a gift. Blenheim Place is a masterpiece completed with a famous architect John Vanbrugh between 1705 until 1722. The building style of this was intended to reflect the establishment of the Duke of Marlboroughs outstanding contributions. The British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill was born at Blenheim, he is the eighth generation the first Duke of Marlborough’s grandson. He inherited on the fine tradition of the family, exert excellence military talent, go through brilliant political career. Winston Churchill wrote a biography about his family. Long ago, he was an officer, but later he served as British Prime Minister because of he successfully defended Britain in World War II. First, the first Duke took a fancy to a wide valley, later it formed to a piece of marsh. Sir John Vanbrugh design and build a grand large bridge. Bridge arches of main bridge total width 31 meters. It started the construction in 1708, but because of the cost was too high, and did not complete the constructed. Sarah Churchill, the first duchess, disagree to build an arched bridge under the valley. So, just built an ordinary bridge to connected between Blenheim and the ranch. In 1764, the family of duke the important task of construction to Blenheim Palace handed over to landscape architect, Capability Brown. He think that landscape design should blend with the natural landscape, not to leave traces of artificial modification. He repaired dams in the valley, form to a large territorial waters. Therefore, under the bridge become two edges of crooked lake. The first duke, John Churchill death on 1725, after the five years he death, the construction of Blenheim Palace just fully completed. The duke memo rial was a landmark to Blenheim Palace, under the memorial hall rooftop have a small tower and belfry. Supporting the Duke memorial hall there have 4 pillars, have the sing of Marlborough moral merit. The main part of this construction was using the columns to connect, and to replace the wall. Top of the memorial hall. There have a sculpture of British lion forced down to a cockerel, which means that the strength of victory. In early the 20th, the 9th Duke of Marlborough, Charles Richard John Spencer-Churchill, was rebuilt the east and west sides in the shape neat gardens. This pattern of garden, had become a lawn. The 9th duke of Marlborough hire the famous French landscape designer,  Achille Duchà ªne to create a water garden. Duke hopes to restore the original appearance of the lake, but he just here to build a strange pond. Regarding to the famous architect and sculptor, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the 9th Duke of Marlborough, he was praised to him. Bernini used the Roman of St. Pi erre Cathedral transformed into the famous Palazzo Barberini, it was very famous and well-known in Europe. At that time, they called it Bernini was a â€Å"Knight†, Louis XIV also asked him to remodelled the Louvre. In order to satisfy the wish of the Duke, Achille Duchà ªne have to follow according to Berninis approach to the design of Blenheim Palace Gardens. He imitated Bernini to build a new plaza, in this pond middle of Alpheus built a small fountain. In England, natural landscape gardens seldom to do the decoration, yet Blenheim Palace was a French Baroque garden, sculptor can easy to be seen at here. The layout of garden neat and orderly, wherein plants and ornaments panoramic view passage. Statue in every corner is a sign of military bravery and honor of military. Because this is to commemorated the residence of the British army and built it. Bibliography References The front view of Blenheim Palace, available on, accessed on 29 April 2015, 8p.m The Grand Bridge of Blenheim Palace, available on, accessed on 02 May 2015, 02:14am. The Great Hall of Blenheim Palace, available on, accessed on 2 May 2015, 01:50 a.m. Saloon ceiling of Blenheim, available on,-Oxfordshire-The-Apotheosis-of-Hercules, accesed on 1 May 2015 2:30pm. The Long Library available on,, accessed on 1 May 2015, 4:00pm.

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Beowulf :: Epic of Beowulf Essay

Beowulf This essay will show how the epic Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian poem Beowulf is part of the heroic culture seen all over Europe at that time. While the poem has been escribed to about the year 800, recent research has indicated beyond doubt that it was first written down between 1087 and 1090, as entertainment for the court of King Henry II. (Aubrey Beardsley, Beowulf: New Beginnings, 2001, p. 74) Of course, the late eleventh centry was merely when it was actually put to paper, the language of the poem shows that there are many parts that are much older, that probably date to the Celtic Iron Age of southern Norway. The story of Beowulf simply, is this. Beowulf has fought in many battles and returned as victor from all but his last, which he lost in a swimming match owing to having to fight sea monsters on the way. This is a lot like the story of the Trojan War as told by the Greek poet Homer in which Achilles confesses how he had a swimming race against Coriolanus, and lost it only because he was delayed, he had to prevent a battle between Neptune and Poseidon. (JM Synge, A Mirror Among Cultures: a Comparison of the Greek Hero, 1997, p. 41) So even though he is late is was because he was acting like a hero should. The story of Beowulf then tells of his battle with the monster Grendel. The description of Grendel as having three eyes is a lot like the epic Greco-Babylonian story of Dedalus, who slew the Gorgon, a creature that like Grendel, sometimes has wings that can fan a small flame into a raging conflagration. A difference is that Beowulf has super-human strength, but Perseus has to rely on his wits. (A Mirror Among Cultures, p. 88) But both of them are completely fearless in their epic battles, and both come out of them victorious, and both have not realised that there is another battle to fight. Beowulf makes many heroic speeches. He keeps coming back to the idea that it is the good of the nation (the Geats) that he is fighting for and not himself, even though he knows that he will get glory if he wins. This is typical of early European epic writing. And the hero almost always dies in these epics. Beowulf is not an exception to this rule.

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Colonialists vs primitive political organizations :: essays research papers

Native people who occupied what is now â€Å"North America† had different political practices and it was the so called primitive government. The thought that they had a non political organization made the Europeans misunderstand the social structure of the natives. They thought that there is a lack of leadership and inhabitants were at a state of anarchy and underdevelopment. This misapprehension was a result of the political authority measurements Europeans considered; natives did not have any while westerners had too much. When first arrived to south Central America, newcomers were staggered with the society they came upon; this society is so different than the western legitimization of authority. The thinking of no law, no religion, and no king did not make any sense to westerners and that gave them an image of an infant stage of humanity that did not progress as a human binge should. In Europe, the social hierarchy had a Monarch who have a supremacy over people’s lives and can make a decision on behalf of the whole community in matters that concern them all. With that they accepted the definition of power in terms of violence and subordination. The state held the restricted rights and privileges to violence and justice and it can use these rights in any way it sees fit. Westerns in new America did not see that in the â€Å"primitive† society. They failed to see that it was a society functioning on its own but in a way alien to their ways even the early liberals in North America had these thoughts. In such societies power did exist but as a part of a hierarchy and domination. Even the early liberals in North America had these thoughts. It is unattainable to divide societies among the lines of the existence of political power and the lack of it and this is a mistake that Europeans did fall in to when arrived to the new land. Political power is innate to social power in any given society which makes it questionable to think that the original occupants of the land did not have any. Like any other society the primitive society will face a conflict between â€Å"norms† and â€Å"reality† and they will try to â€Å"reconcile† the old norm with the new reality with their own political interpretations of symbols and actions. Although Seventeenth century America had a somewhat liberal democratic agenda, it botched to acknowledge the democratic measures of native tribes. Colonialists vs primitive political organizations :: essays research papers Native people who occupied what is now â€Å"North America† had different political practices and it was the so called primitive government. The thought that they had a non political organization made the Europeans misunderstand the social structure of the natives. They thought that there is a lack of leadership and inhabitants were at a state of anarchy and underdevelopment. This misapprehension was a result of the political authority measurements Europeans considered; natives did not have any while westerners had too much. When first arrived to south Central America, newcomers were staggered with the society they came upon; this society is so different than the western legitimization of authority. The thinking of no law, no religion, and no king did not make any sense to westerners and that gave them an image of an infant stage of humanity that did not progress as a human binge should. In Europe, the social hierarchy had a Monarch who have a supremacy over people’s lives and can make a decision on behalf of the whole community in matters that concern them all. With that they accepted the definition of power in terms of violence and subordination. The state held the restricted rights and privileges to violence and justice and it can use these rights in any way it sees fit. Westerns in new America did not see that in the â€Å"primitive† society. They failed to see that it was a society functioning on its own but in a way alien to their ways even the early liberals in North America had these thoughts. In such societies power did exist but as a part of a hierarchy and domination. Even the early liberals in North America had these thoughts. It is unattainable to divide societies among the lines of the existence of political power and the lack of it and this is a mistake that Europeans did fall in to when arrived to the new land. Political power is innate to social power in any given society which makes it questionable to think that the original occupants of the land did not have any. Like any other society the primitive society will face a conflict between â€Å"norms† and â€Å"reality† and they will try to â€Å"reconcile† the old norm with the new reality with their own political interpretations of symbols and actions. Although Seventeenth century America had a somewhat liberal democratic agenda, it botched to acknowledge the democratic measures of native tribes.

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Tda 3.19

TDA 3. 19 Support disabled children and young people and those with special education needs. 3. Be able to support the inclusion of disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs. 3. 1 Obtain information about the individual needs, capabilities and interests of disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs with whom they work. It is important to me that I get to know pupils and find out their capabilities and interests as soon as possible, this will help me to best support them through the curriculum in extra ways.As I didn’t work with them from the beginning of their St. Felix schooling I didn’t visit them at home to speak to their parents about their needs, but I did obtain the information that I needed from their class teachers when we went through the children’s files and targets to discuss the next steps. Not long into the school term the SENCO also set up a meeting with the parents and outside agenc ies, (in the cases of the children that I work with, this included social worker, speech and language therapist and visual impairment adviser).In some cases the child themselves would be included but with the children I work with it is felt that this is not suitable, but I do work with them previous to the meeting to discuss what they enjoy, find difficult, would like to change etc. In these meeting we discuss the children’s individual plans and targets for the year and how we can work together to get the best results and experience for the child. At St. Felix we feel that partnerships with parents are crucial to the process of working with pupils who have special educational needs.I work 1 to 1 with 3 different children although I was able to obtain lots of academic information about the children form colleagues that had already worked with the children, including the speech therapist, visual impairment advisor, occupational health and more recently the Autism advisors, I ha ve found it just as important to get to know them on a more informal level by getting to know their interests so I can support them through a greater awareness of their personality.TDA 3. 19 Support disabled children and young people and those with special education needs. 3. Be able to support the inclusion of disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs 3. 2 Identify barriers to participation for disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs with whom they work. All pupils, whatever their needs and abilities have an equal right to educational and learning without barriers.This should also include access and provision and to facilities outside the school settings. Schools and other organisations which offer educational provision must by law ensure that all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Physical barriers There should be no reason that a child or young person who has a disability or special educatio nal need should not be able to gain access to an educational institution or to its facilities.As I support children that have additional needs, I make it my responsibility to make sure that all staff are aware of the provision which needs to be made to ensure that they are able to participate. One little girl that I support needs to have all her written resources blown up to A3, and I ensure that all staff know that she needs to be sat at the front to learn from the interactive board and where possible she has her own book to follow when the class are on the carpet being read to by a member of staff.She has light blue paper to write on as she finds it easier to see writing on this and also uses a pen instead of a pencil, again because it is easier for her to see. Although we use a lot of visual resources with all the children in year 1 and 2 especially in numeracy, for this little girl we make sure she has her own set rather than sharing because of her Autism this allows her to keep routine and aids her to organise and become more independent in her learning. In P.E and playtimes her main disability is her sight and although she is very confident with moving around the school, staff and children are reminded to keep areas clear and she needs a slightly larger personal area in P. E as due to her poor gross motor skills her physical actions require lots of room! If she is to fall especially onto reflex areas such as her knees she usually falls into a fit, although I am her 1 to 1 all staff know about her condition and also know how to deal with it if they were with her when it happens.If we didn’t share with other colleagues the needs of this child and the immediate staff that work with her were absent due to illness or on a course etc, she would not be able to be doing what all her classmates are doing through the day. This is not acceptable and also would be very difficult for her as she needs to keep her routine as much as possible due to her Autism. I also work with twin boys that have Dyspraxia, and again all staff are advised on what they need in the classroom to make sure the are able to access the curriculum with as little amount of disruption as possible.The boys find it hard to sit on the carpet and concentrate on input without fidgeting, one finds it helpful to sit on a blown up wedge on his chair, it seems to help keep his posture and allow him to concentrate as without it he finds it hard to control his core and is nearly rolling around the carpet! His brother struggles more academically as well so if necessary especially with numeracy he will sit with me and we will do the same as the other children but what they are learning from the teacher and the interactive board, we will do the same on a wipe board, this way I am also able to take it back a step if its too difficult for him.The boys also use pens rather than pencils this helps with their writing because of their poor fine motor skills, they have other small resou rces that allows to keep up with the pace of their peers such as pots to put things in that they have cut out as they struggle with organisation, they also use pincer type scissors as they are unable to cut accurately with normal scissors. In P.E they will join in with the rest of the class but I will just observe them more than others to give them help if needed but I also observe to see the areas they need more help with and then when the rest of the class have finished we stay on and play different gamed that will work on particular skills. Organisational barriers At St. Felix we have an up to date equal opportunities policy which sets out our priorities for developing inclusion. It also ensures that all staff who are working with pupils who have additional needs are fully trained and able to do so with the full support of the school.We are encouraged to source out courses that will be beneficial to us and our children. For the children I work with I have been on a lot of speech and language courses including Elklan, which for the boys, as they have poor speech allows me to give them extra time giving them therapy under the advise of the therapist and for the little girl it has given me knowledge of using different strategies when her poor language understanding has given a barrier to her understanding the work.In the near future I am learning how to teach them to touch type as we feel especially when they are older that they will find it much easier to keep up with the curriculum to type their work rather than write. Barriers in the attitudes of the school community This barrier can sometimes be more challenging to overcome and we did have some problems with parents in the past in relation to the little girls sight condition and autism that lead to her sometimes being aggressive to other children.To get over this we worked with her parents who wrote a piece on her explaining her needs and conditions, they included pictures of her in different activities an d also paper clippings as the family had recently been interviewed by the Daily Mail about their fight to get a diagnosis. This was given out to the parents in the same class and it encouraged them to speak to mum in the playground if they had any questions.The feedback we got was very positive, it stopped them from focusing on the negative things and allowed them to see her as a happy 6 year old that was interested and loved the same things as their 6 year old but found it difficult and sometimes needed support and understanding. It is important to remember that the needs of the child or young person come first and I will always stand up for the rights of the children I support.

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Op-Ed Summary

Summary: Don’t Blame the Eater The Op-Ed piece, â€Å"Don’t Blame the Eater,† by David Zinczenko talks about the issue of obesity in America and whose fault it really is, the eater or the people providing the food. His claim on the subject is that it is the industries fault for the obesity in America and not the peoples fault because finding an alternative to eating cheap food on the go is nearly impossible. He makes an example of himself right in the third paragraph, explaining how his mom had to work long hours to pay the bills and his choices for food were pizza hut or KFC because that was the only affordable choice for him.He also employs a lot of logos in the following paragraphs by mentioning statistics on the matter of diabetes, and the amount of money put into treating it as the years progress. Shooting down opposing arguments also plays a factor in Zinczenko’s essay when he asks the reader â€Å"shouldn’t we know better than to eat two mea ls a day in fast-food restaurants? † He states that this is one argument, but then makes the point of where are consumers, particularly teenagers, supposed to find alternatives.He also introduces the concept of not knowing any information on the food that we are consuming, and the misleading advertising in fast food products where certain â€Å"healthy foods† are really just masked by misleading serving sizes and lack of dressing and noodles and almonds for say a healthy salad. I believe he sums up his essay by saying that the companies should be sued for not having these warning labels the same way tobacco companies are. Overall it is their fault and not as ridiculous as it seems.Summary: What You Eat Is Your Business â€Å"What You Eat Is Your Business,† is an Op-Ed piece on the same subject but from a different, and in my opinion more agreeable, perspective. His claim is almost opposite from Zinczenko’s in that he believes that it is our responsibility to take care of our own bodies rather than the food industries. He phrases it nicely when he mentions â€Å"bringing government between you and your waistline,† which is essentially what Zinczenko argued for.He says how this is the wrong way to fight obesity, that instead of manipulating what is available to us and how it is available to us, we should instead foster a sense of responsibility in our own health and well being. I think what he is basically saying is that we are just pointing fingers at what is our own faults, and that when the government acts for â€Å"us,† they are only acting for the public numbers rather than for the people themselves. Balko also mentions that by doing this, and having the government intervene, we have less incentive to actually put down what is causing our heart attacks.He employs ethos when he mentions names in New York Times magazines and specials on TV’s that plead for government intervention. What I liked about this Op-Ed p iece is that it makes sense and obesity should not even be in the public health concern. After all it is only there because we have to pay for the consequences of it. He provides his own stand and sticks firmly to it providing us with what he thinks would be best. The insurance companies should reward healthy lifestyles and penalize poor ones, not raise all our premiums because the rate of heart attacks are rising because the government is taking the wrong route.It is our responsibility to diet, exercise, and worry about ourselves. Response to Both I think I take a clear favorite out of the two essays. The second one works for me better because I already had a viewpoint on the topic. The first op-ed says that it is the governments fault for providing such cheap, unknown products that seem to be our only option when it comes to eating. I think this is a ridiculous argument. It certainly is not our only choice in eating out that just sounds like an excuse to me. The people like the fo od, so they keep eating it instead of looking for an alternative, and then point fingers.Sure there is diabetes and a lot of money put into treating it, but in the end the root of the problem is those people eating those foods and then making up excuses for it. This is why I agree with the second essay more. People have the ability to say no, they have the ability to look for healthier food at the same prices. They can pick up the food they are eating, and look at the nutrition facts, and look at the serving sizes. It’s not like you don’t see people living healthy life styles in the same economically classes.You don’t need to drink soda, in fact, water is free. Even if it were true that some things did not have nutritional facts on them, don’t you think you shouldn’t eat it then, or even if that was the case, can’t people use their common sense? Obviously the bucket of fried chicken glistening in trans fat is not going to harm your coronary artery in any way. In fact, a majority of people these days have smart phones, they won’t hesitate to look up the nearest McDonalds, but how about looking up some nutritional facts on it, or reading about how to live a healthy lifestyle.Balko is right, what you eat is your business, stop turning to the government and telling them its their fault they need to make you skinny. No they don’t, you need to stop fueling McDonalds, stop letting them think its okay to serve fries that never spoil because you claim they are the best fries you’ve ever had. It is your responsibility to diet, and exercise, and eat right, finding healthy food is not impossible, stop kidding yourselves.

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A New Employee Reward and Recognition Program Essay

In efforts to increase motivation, increase employee job satisfaction, increase communications, and raise the employee retention rate, a rewards and recognition program could be implemented. Being a non-profit organization with no budgetary spending allotted for a rewards and recognition program, makes this project challenging. However, the benefits appear to tremendously outweigh the burdens. Therefore, planning and developing this program will be a both challenging and beneficial. Objectives of Planned Intervention Objective one would be to increase motivation. Employees lack motivation due to not be recognized for all of the hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and fortitude they have performed or given for the organization. Being motivated does not come easy for every person. It is hopeful that the implementation of an employee rewards and recognition program will provide the employees with a common goal in order to receive the recognition; thus, requiring them to be motivated to get the job done. A sizeable change in motivation is hopeful to be around 75-85%, given all employees participate. This will be observable and measurable by the amount of work accomplished as well as how much effort the employee devoted to it. Objective two would be to increase employee job satisfaction. This goal is the purpose for doing this project. Lack of recognition has caused many of the employees to develop negative behaviors and work morale. They feel unappreciated, overworked, insignificant, and ignored. It is hopeful that their feelings will change as a result of an employee rewards and recognition program being implemented. In correlation to the first objective, this objective is suspected to increase employee job satisfaction by 75-85%. Not only will the job satisfaction increase but so will work morale. With employees being happy in their place of employment, improved work morale would be promising. Objective three would be to increase communications. Communication is the key to a successful organization. At this point, there is little to none. What is there is vague and often incomprehensible. Confusion and frustration should minimize due to more systematic employee communications; this being one of the largest obstacles due to the size of the department and the distribution of our locations. Time management should improve due to the reduction of re-doing and/or elimination of the duplication of work done. The employee communication process and procedures will change in order to give a more systematical approach on communication. Objective four would be to raise the employee retention rate. Currently, it is difficult to retain substitute teachers and bus drivers more than any other employee. It is expectant that this rewards and recognition program will inspire these employees to want to stay. It is hopeful that they will be motivated in trying to obtain a permanent position due to this as well. These changes would occur in all four counties (a total of ten locations), as the employee rewards and recognition program is intended to be implemented department wide. This includes four satellite offices/classroom locations as well as six classroom only locations. Strategies to segment the program into quarters are probable. By the end of the first program quarter, a substantial change shall be noticeable. With great anticipation, by the end of the third program quarter at least half will be have made notable growth. Description of Intervention In effort to achieve the objectives stated above, a plan of action is needed. The organization currently has one recognition process which is for years of service. However, there is nothing in the policies and procedures manual outlining this process. Due to the budgetary restrictions, there will be a section added to the policies and procedures manual but rewards will be left to be determined. The new procedure will require some constant creativity and teamwork. Planning strategies to raise money will be a challenge but with some creativity and teamwork, it should be effortless. A few fundraising opportunities that can be done quarterly are as follows. A bake sale! In hopes that employees will join forces and want to initiate this change together, as it will not be handed to them, it will be asked that they donate a baked goods item to the bake sale on a given date. All proceeds will then go into a fun reserved for the employee rewards and recognition program. This could be done monthly or quarterly dependent upon how low the fund is running. A weekend community picnic! This will more than likely be done once a year, as it is a particularly large project and will expect employees to volunteer outside of work. All proceeds again going into the employee rewards and recognition program fund. Blue Jean or Casual Fridays! This would obviously be done on Fridays, every Friday if permissible. Any employee who wants to wear blue jeans or casual clothing will have to pay anywhere from one to two dollars. In correlation, a themed casual day could be implemented as well. Things such as football Friday, where the employee could wear their favorite sports jersey, or during the holidays, they could or dress say in costume on Halloween; of course for a fee.

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Midterm study guide

The field of Organizational Behavior (B) Is performance-oriented. 2. Mary Foulest was opposed to Tailor's lack of specific attention to human needs and relationships In the workplace. 3. Individual performance Is the foundation of organization performance. 4. African-Americans are one of the fastest-growing groups in the U. S. Employee workforce, as are Asians and Hispanics. 5. A new industrial era began in the United States around the time of the Civil War. 6. A major goal of Capos is to treat its employees and customers with integrity, honesty, and commitment. 7.The formal and modern study of management started around 1900. 8. In 1886, an engineer named Frederick W. Taylor presented a paper on scientific management at a national meeting of engineers that was titled â€Å"The Engineer as an Economist. † 9. Tailor's major thesis was that maximum good for society can come only through the cooperation of management and labor In the application of scientific methods. 10. Managers must deal simultaneously with the Internal and external aspects of organizational behavior. 11. J. M. Curran and W. Edwards Deeming, In the sass's, introduced the Importance of quality to the public. . Managers derive power from both organizational and individual sources. 13. A psychological contract is unwritten agreement between an employee and the organization that specifies what each expects to give to and receive from the other. 14. One of the most powerful influences on individual performance is an organization's reward system. 15. Power is the ability to get someone to do something you want done, or to make things happen the way you want them to happen. 16. Measures of satisfaction include employee attitudes, turnover, absenteeism, tardiness, and grievances. 17.Common hysterical symptoms that are related to stress Include: Insomnia, excessive perspiration, nervousness, or irritability. Other answers may also be correct, such as overeating, weight gain, weight loss, nail ball ing, or headaches. 18. Describe the findings of the Hawthorne studies. Chapter 2 1. Organizations can achieve effectiveness only when employees share values. 2. The acceptance of unequal power differs across countries. 3. In countries in which people display high power distance, employees acknowledge the boss's authority and typically follow the chain of command.Although culture can't be seen, it can be ensued or felt through employees' attitudes, emotions, and perceptions. 5. The Southwest airlines approach is to hire for attitude and train the skill. 6. Research indicates that a majority of managers have had at least one mentoring relationship during their careers. 7. The values, norms, customs, and rituals of cultures are Influenced by politics, religion and language. 8. Hypotheses five value dimensions are power distance, Individualism, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity, and long-term orientation. 9. The concept of uncertainty avoidance refers to the extent to which

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Managing projects in engineering and construction Lab Report

Managing projects in engineering and construction - Lab Report Example First, before commencing my project, I developed a time schedule to guide me during the project. The activities listed in my time schedule included organizing for meetings with my supervisors and lecturers for training and orientation before commencing the experiment. Besides, I came up with a separate project plan outlining the specific phases and procedures of the actual experiment. In addition, I made a visit to the school laboratory to book a date on which to perform the triaxial tests. An early reservation ensures that all the necessary pieces of equipment for the experiment are available on the experiment day. A tamping rod, a measuring scale, a measuring cup, de-aired water, a spatula and, pair of scissor is the equipment required in the experiment. Additionally, I acquired a small notebook on which I recorded my meetings with the lecturer and supervisors. I also ensured that the supervisors and laboratory technicians signed the notebook. Signed notebooks serve as evidence for the attended meetings. In an attempt to account for the resources I used during the research, I prepared a budget and a time plan for the activities. Budgets and time plans ensure effective and efficient use of resources. Besides, time plans and budgets act as monitoring and evaluation tools, helping me identify failures and making necessary adjustments to the project In any experimental project, there are potential challenges likely to occur. I planned for some difficulties liable to affect my experiment.

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Compare the twomain characters (Norma Rae and Bread and Roses Essay

Compare the twomain characters (Norma Rae and Bread and Roses - Essay Example s’ exploration of how exploitation exists particularly in industries filled with poverty-stricken workers, one can further discover the connection between lack of work options and poverty, and workplace discrimination, which consequently aggravates the worker’s situation and reduces the possibility of developing a positive outlook and recognizing the higher purpose. Norma and Maya depict the roles of female workers trapped in a world of poverty, employer greed, and exploitation. However, just as there are several similarities in the story, there are also obvious differences. Norma and Maya’s plights in their works may be similar, but their approaches in reacting to these plights are different. Norma’s basis in deciding to lead a union organizer is well-developed in the film, while Maya’s basis in stepping up against her employers is either underdeveloped or truly albeit shallow. In â€Å"Bread and Roses,† the issue that incites the janitors’ protest is meager salary. This is a legitimate foundation; however, the larger political consequences and framework are not discussed at all. The films depicts how the workers’ are not given their rights, but it never tackled exactly what rights they were fighting for. Another consideration here is the fact that these workers are illegal immigrants in the country. T his fact creates a hostile reaction from the viewers to the supposed-to-be protagonist. In addition, regarding both protagonists’ relationships with their families, Norma again can gain any viewer’s empathy as she displays her selflessness. Her motivation in working is the higher purpose of supporting her parents through their illness. This supposedly kept her positive in her work despite the hardships. Also, one has to remember that her main reason for wanting to lead a union organizer is her parents’ health situation. On the other hand, Maya appears to be both selfish and ungrateful, as her reasons for supporting the union are purely personal.

The future of Private and Public pension provision in the next five Essay

The future of Private and Public pension provision in the next five years in Mauritius - Essay Example Pension system is Mauritius was established in the early 1950s, non-contributory pensions are now received by the majority of the residents aged over 60 (Willmore, 2003, Vittas, 2003). Since 1974 pension coverage in the country has been universal, i.e. there is a fixed division into four age groups (60-74 years old; 75-85; 86-99 and 100+, due to overall longevity in the state). The average basic universal pension is about 57 USD (Bailey, 2004, Gopee, 2006). In Mauritius, non-occupational pension consists of several components, such as Basic Retirement Pension, the National Pensions Fund and the Civil Service Pension Scheme and is regulated by strong legal basis (Philip, 1995). Non-occupational pension schemes include basic retirement pension, financed from general taxes, and its current ratio constitutes 3 per cent of annual GDP, but an estimated ratio for 2020 is 6 per cent (GAD, 2001a), due to the ageing trends in population structure. National Pensions Fund is also a part of non-occupational pension provision, as the NPF is an obligatory model which takes into account all private sector organizations employees, excepting those who gain very low wages and some workers involved into sugar industry. Compulsory contributions constituting about 3-9 per cent of overall earnings result in the accumulation of points on the basis of the declared cost of a point for the certain period (Willmore, 2003). National Savings Fund is a third compone nt of non-occupational pension provision and requires of participants certain contributions (2-3 per cent of income) on the mandatory basis (Mauritius Modernizing and Advanced Pension System, 2004). The NSF funds are normally invested into government security, thus the resources themselves are not accumulated, but spent immediately after the employee’s contribution. The other universal social aids and assistances under the NPS’s responsibility include: 1)

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Business&Management Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 9000 words

Business&Management - Dissertation Example These five questions are very important as it covers all major areas for studying consumer behaviours. In order to cater to those five questions, this paper has presented and discussed important sections like literature review, primary research and secondary research. The literature review has presented important theoretical background to understand the mechanism behind consumer behaviour. The primary research has obtained important data for identifying the prevailing consumers’ behaviours and secondary research has provided the factual data to link with the primary data. The gathered primary data has disclosed major trends in consumer behaviour in car markets of the UK and on the Chinese people. These primary data are also discussed and analysed in the light of the given theoretical background and secondary data. The output of the primary data analyses has supported the consumer behavioural theories and secondary data. As per the discussions based on literature review, primar y and secondary data, this paper is able to cater to the five pre-defined research questions. The consumer behaviour in automobile industry of China and UK is influenced by a number of factors like culture, economic condition, brand, quality, price etc and these factors varies as per the national culture and system of the two countries. The successful automobile companies presented in both countries are able to differentiate and identify the multiple factors influencing the consumer buying behaviour. 1. Introduction The cultural paradigm of different markets like China and Britain reflect significant impacts on the purchasing behaviour of cars and domestic vehicles. The main aim of the paper revolves around understanding the reasons or factors which bring about cultural changes and thereby affect the demand for cars in the two markets. Chinese consumers in their activity of purchasing cars render special emphasis to the paradigm of quality and service. People of China tend to buy th e cars of those companies which tend to provide the best service available in terms of sales and customer service. Further, the Chinese consumers also entertain large amount of sales packages along with the products which help in enhancing the product attributes. The Chinese consumers in addition to enhanced quality and service parameters also desire better accessibility of the vehicles in the consumer markets. This signifies that the dealership factor with regard to the branded cars must be further enhanced to help the Chinese consumers gain easy and better accessibility to such products. Moreover, the Chinese consumers are also characterized as being effective negotiators while making a deal to purchase a new car. Thus, the car manufacturers who desire to enter

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Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 8

Management - Essay Example ause the nature of the relationship is a subjective one, the leader is unable to determine whether any progress is being made, despite the fact that he is responsible for accountability. One of the things that a manager has to teach his sales representatives is the ability to bend and flex and adapt their sales pitch and styles to suit the needs of different customers. In the insurance industry in particular, there are certain standardized packages that are available, however a sales representative needs to be able to tailor his sales talk in such a manner that it suits the needs of the particular customer. Therefore, the most important lesson that a manager can teach his representatives is how to ask customers the right questions, by formulating at least 20 different types of questions that the customer can be asked in order to determine their needs. Once such answers have been obtained by the representatives for these key questions, they will be able to do things that are inexpensive, thoughtful and also inexpensive at the same time. (Acuff and Wood, 2004, p 190). The manager must teach the sales person how to understand what the customer desires by asking the necessary questions and then try to determine how best a particular product can meet that need, or how it can be tailored or modified slightly to meet the need. Therefore sales people should not focus exclusively on the customer or exclusively on the product but rather focus on bringing about a synergy between the two and managers should teach their salespeople how to achieve this.(Acuff and Wood, 2004, p192) The manager must also teach the sales person that his or her goal is to help customers understand that the company’s product is worthwhile. In the insurance business, the manager must therefore teach the sales people how to emphasize and focus upon the benefits of the products, in that it provides insurance against accidents and liabilities. By teaching sales people to focus upon the attributes of

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Screening journals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Screening journals - Essay Example The song itself has an overall feel of R&B mixed with hip-hop or electronic dance due to the low vocal ranges of the song, the use of a hook and repetitive melody and lyrics, which are not usually heard from songs by Beyoncà ©. However, despite the R&B shell of the song, it delivers a strong, feminist message based on the cultural background of people of color, namely Beyoncà © and featured artist Chimamanda Ngozi Adicihe and their cultural backgrounds as female African-Americans in modern US society. Such ideas are exemplified by the melodic lyrics â€Å"I took some time to live my life/ But don’t think I’m just his little wife† sung by Beyoncà © and a section of the spoken lines by Adicihe: â€Å"But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage/ And we don’t teach boys the same?†(Knowles, 2013). Based on the context, the lyrics contain the message that female African-Americans are only taught of such things and not allowed to have and live their own aspirations, ideas that are strongly-questioned in the song and are subjects of criticism as well. The video may seem confusing for some due to the combination of new and old elements, with the beginning and endings showing an old talent show clip and the song itself showing a dance club where Beyoncà © dances along with other people, as well as the inclusion of lyrics within the music video itself. However, despite seemingly-contradictory elements of the song, the opening and ending parts of the video are able to convey the message of needs for equality and feminism clearly, as it was seen in the last part that the male Caucasian-American group won by a star over the African-American female group, suggesting the societal bias against races considered to be the minority. These components can be observed and understood fully by viewers if they viewed the video from start to finish, and as such all elements (lyrics, vocal, visuals) are needed to convey

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Charitable Contributions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Charitable Contributions - Essay Example ndation, n.d.) Public charities are made up of churches, hospitals and qualified medical research organizations affiliated with hospitals, schools, colleges and universities. Similar among all these institutions are: a) they receive contributions from many sources and have active program(s) for fundraising; b) their income is generated by activities that enhance and promote their purposes; and, c) they actively work in relationship with another public charity. To be a public charity, organizations mentioned above should submit documents that â€Å"must contain purposes and powers of an organization and disposition of its assets under dissolution, in order to qualify for exemption under Internal Revenue Code section 501 (c)(3).† (Sample Organizing Documents – Public Charity, 2009) In short, they must comply with the language the IRS requires. These documents may be, but are not limited to, the trust instrument, corporate charter, articles of incorporation, articles of association, or other written instrument by which the organization is created under state law. It should be remembered that these requirements may vary among states and/or countries as well. Public charities must ensure that the purpose and assets stated in these documents are dedicated to charitable purposes. To be exempt under IRS section 501(c)(3) of the Code, initially, a public charity must file IRS Form 1023.This and other forms can be acquired online or from a cd, both available on the IRS website (, by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676) or visiting local IRS offices. There are certain organizations that are already considered tax exempt even without the filing of Form 1023. These are a) churches, b) their integrated auxiliaries or associations of churches and c) any organization with a gross income of not more than $5,000 in a taxable year. Applicants must ensure that their organizing documents comply with the IRS requirements. The IRS will not process incomplete

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The Story of My Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

The Story of My Life - Essay Example With the separation, my mother had to find a job to support us as the income from the child support was never enough (for the short time the child support was paid). My parents were my idol and with them separated, my world started slowly collapsing against me. A few years passed and I slowly started getting used to the absence of having two parents in the house and I made a great friend from school. The friendship had been casual at first but I found out we shared a lot of things starting from having divorced parents to him having a younger sibling at home and we soon became best friends. We were inseparable and we even managed to go to the same high school. On our last year of high school, we were at a friend’s birthday party and he kept on telling me how such a great friend I was and that he would miss me but I just laughed at him and told him we would go to the same college and that he had nothing to worry about. When we were leaving the party, a truck which was being driven by a drunk driver rammed into us and my best friend passed on the spot. The blow that death left me was ten times worse than the separation and finally divorce of my parents. Life was never the same from then on. I took time off school for three months as I slowly sank into depression. However one day I decided that my best friend would not have wanted me to wallow in misery but would have loved to see me excel and go to the college of my dream. His great friendship and his easy-going manner taught me that life is too short not to do the things you love without procrastination and the first on my list is to excel in college and in my career as well and have a great legacy. I am a tough individual even though I may not physically look like it as life toughened me up.     Ã‚