Thursday, September 12, 2019

Compare the twomain characters (Norma Rae and Bread and Roses Essay

Compare the twomain characters (Norma Rae and Bread and Roses - Essay Example s’ exploration of how exploitation exists particularly in industries filled with poverty-stricken workers, one can further discover the connection between lack of work options and poverty, and workplace discrimination, which consequently aggravates the worker’s situation and reduces the possibility of developing a positive outlook and recognizing the higher purpose. Norma and Maya depict the roles of female workers trapped in a world of poverty, employer greed, and exploitation. However, just as there are several similarities in the story, there are also obvious differences. Norma and Maya’s plights in their works may be similar, but their approaches in reacting to these plights are different. Norma’s basis in deciding to lead a union organizer is well-developed in the film, while Maya’s basis in stepping up against her employers is either underdeveloped or truly albeit shallow. In â€Å"Bread and Roses,† the issue that incites the janitors’ protest is meager salary. This is a legitimate foundation; however, the larger political consequences and framework are not discussed at all. The films depicts how the workers’ are not given their rights, but it never tackled exactly what rights they were fighting for. Another consideration here is the fact that these workers are illegal immigrants in the country. T his fact creates a hostile reaction from the viewers to the supposed-to-be protagonist. In addition, regarding both protagonists’ relationships with their families, Norma again can gain any viewer’s empathy as she displays her selflessness. Her motivation in working is the higher purpose of supporting her parents through their illness. This supposedly kept her positive in her work despite the hardships. Also, one has to remember that her main reason for wanting to lead a union organizer is her parents’ health situation. On the other hand, Maya appears to be both selfish and ungrateful, as her reasons for supporting the union are purely personal.

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