Sunday, September 1, 2019

Technology in the 21st Century

If you think back 10 or 20 years ago, you may wonder how we ever did some of the things we are able to now. Technology shapes our society in a number of different ways. Before the invention of the internet, there wasn't email. Many people in the business world communicate solely with email and without it, they are lost. Have you ever lost your internet connection or networking device? You are literally stuck in a mess and have no idea what to do. Think back the first cell phones that were available, before the days of text messaging and blue tooth. Technology is essential in our society in order to grow and move toward the future. With the rising technology, a lot of issues have been done that have remained to be puzzle to many living in the twenty first century. This has further triggered a debate on the appropriate definition of the term technology. With others criticizing technology, most proponents of technology have suggested that technology refers to the employing the use of a variety of tools and approaches in the finding or deriving at possible solutions to certain problems. Technology has been associated with a variety of negative events that befell mankind and other creatures existing in the universe. However, the benefits have greatly surpassed the negatives associated with technology. Technology has played an immense part towards influencing the lifestyles of the present generation. In a particular, the emergence of internet services has given a great boost to the business industry. With it, We have the ability to shape the world we live in. The inventions we create allow us to transform our environment, explore the stars, connect societies across the world, and even extend our lifespan. The invention of the computer has brought economic and social change to the world. So what does the future of technology hold for our society? The possibilities are literally endless. Some of the key factors the government is working on surrounds information technology. With all the new innovations in technology, some people learn how to corrupt and abuse it. Protecting our individual privacy has become so important due to overwhelming cases of fraud and identity theft. The internet allows us to input personal information online for practically anyone to see. Social networking sites have become so popular that undercover policemen have stepped in to protect eople from rapists, murders, and pedophiles. There are tools and practices that exist to allow individuals control over their personal information, but it is not enough. Web site hacking goes along with individual privacy, but it impacts the future of several businesses. Government leaders are looking for ways to create a safe, secure and reliable computing environment for businesses and individuals. Protecting our children from inappropriate content is another popular topic among several businesses and government agencies. While the personal computer and the internet have revolutionized education, they have also opened the doors for exploration by curious children. Technology has allowed countries across the world to connect and interact without having to fly thousands of miles to communicate with each other. Governments and industries are able to communicate and work together towards the future. This allows successful countries to communicate with other countries who lack essential resources and help them find ways to combat their challenges. Digital information can be sent with the click of a button. Software, books, music and video files can be easily distributed to anyone, anywhere. For users, this is beneficial because for no cost, they can share videos of their new baby being born to their family who lives across the country. Of course, the government has had to step in to protect property rights of individuals to ensure that nothing is being digitally stolen. We should look at technology at the gateway to the future. The possibilities of what we can create are endless. Even as we have challenges with technology, we are still able to see amazing things come from it. Technology plays a critical role in our society. Creating technology that is secure and trustworthy is the future. Several companies are working together to achieve this goal and to help our society move forward. Technologies arise to satisfy our wants and needs, this is how society and technology shape the future for one another. As individuals, we are in control of the future. We should dream big and start finding ways to make our dreams into reality.

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