Friday, September 27, 2019

Prodigal Summer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Prodigal Summer - Essay Example Since, there is no clear answer to love many would wonder why one would choose estrangement over love, and empathy. Many psychologists, sociologists, and psychiatrists think that love, and empathy are two different things. Many psychologists, sociologist, and psychiatrists think that love developed from empathy (Allot, 1). Because love developed from empathy many think that empathy developed from the mother, and child bond. When there is no empathy as an infant, and young child as the child grows older than the child will develop an estrangement to love (Allot, 1). When one develops an estrangement in life as an adult it is not necessarily then because there was no empathy at all between mother, and child. However, the mother may have developed problems in the mother’s own life. The mother may have developed a drug, or alcohol addiction (Allot, 1). Oftentimes when a mother tries to love the child, and the child is in an environment and there is a drug, or alcohol addiction the child may begin to resist the love from the mother. The child may begin to grow old, and begin to do follow-up a false sense of what love is. When children grow up and develop a false sense of what love is the child may become addicted to drugs, alcohol, or even sex. Since, children learn love from the mother, the father, and other important figures in the child’s life than estrangement, cannot be it a choice. When estrangement is not necessarily a choice the child, who grew into an adult and became estranged from life should it receive empathy from those around. However, someone like this who has an estrangement from life would not necessarily receive empathy from those around. When the child grows into young adulthood and develops a estrangement from life the child may develop in addiction of alcohol, drugs, or sex. Many young adults, and adults who have an estrangement will develop an addiction to alcohol, drug, or sex addiction because the addiction is a replacement for the empathy, and love this is child has never received. The young adult who develops an addiction to sex is sometimes associates sex as a form of love, instead of associating sex as part of a loving, and meaningful relationship. Studies have found that love can be very positive for a person. When a person finds love a person will develop a deeper understanding of those around the person. Developing a deeper understanding of those around is part of a deeper understanding of empathy. When a person has no empathy, and love in life the person cannot understand the emotions of anyone else. Many psychologists, sociologists, and psychiatrists in the past want to know about love and if love is just something that merely happens. Many who study love want to know if love is just a mistake, and if those who do find love were nearly in the right place, at the right time. However, after studying animals in the wild, and seeing how animals react to their own young has given psychologists, sociolo gists, and psychiatrists a deeper understanding of why some people find love, and others do not. Animals in the wild give their young empathy. So in conclusion of studying animals many psychiatrists, sociologist, and psychologists have come to the conclusion that love is not something that just happens. Love is not just something that happens because love is something one learns. Love is taught in infancy. Just like the animals with their young who the young animals

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