Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 8

Management - Essay Example ause the nature of the relationship is a subjective one, the leader is unable to determine whether any progress is being made, despite the fact that he is responsible for accountability. One of the things that a manager has to teach his sales representatives is the ability to bend and flex and adapt their sales pitch and styles to suit the needs of different customers. In the insurance industry in particular, there are certain standardized packages that are available, however a sales representative needs to be able to tailor his sales talk in such a manner that it suits the needs of the particular customer. Therefore, the most important lesson that a manager can teach his representatives is how to ask customers the right questions, by formulating at least 20 different types of questions that the customer can be asked in order to determine their needs. Once such answers have been obtained by the representatives for these key questions, they will be able to do things that are inexpensive, thoughtful and also inexpensive at the same time. (Acuff and Wood, 2004, p 190). The manager must teach the sales person how to understand what the customer desires by asking the necessary questions and then try to determine how best a particular product can meet that need, or how it can be tailored or modified slightly to meet the need. Therefore sales people should not focus exclusively on the customer or exclusively on the product but rather focus on bringing about a synergy between the two and managers should teach their salespeople how to achieve this.(Acuff and Wood, 2004, p192) The manager must also teach the sales person that his or her goal is to help customers understand that the company’s product is worthwhile. In the insurance business, the manager must therefore teach the sales people how to emphasize and focus upon the benefits of the products, in that it provides insurance against accidents and liabilities. By teaching sales people to focus upon the attributes of

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