Thursday, August 8, 2019

Transformational Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 3

Transformational Leadership - Essay Example According to the study  transformational leadership style is the kind of a leader the author ams. This is a kind of leadership style that believes in building relationships as well as motivating his fellow collogues at work. The motivation works well because they have a vision and mission that we all want to achieve together as a team. Naturally, the reporter is charismatic; he believes that communication is the basis of every relationship that works well. Most of the times he works confidently so that he can inspire his staff, command respect from them in addition to loyalty.  From this paper it is clear that  one vivid memory of a time the author was able to implement transformational leadership style is when the hospital had inadequate equipment. Such a situation hinders a conducive working environment for nurses. He wrote to the board of the hospital on the issue and ensured that the equipment was purchased.  His staffs were very happy and were able to perform well at wor k. There was also a time when they had an emergency case, and they had more than thirty patients being brought to the hospital. The author was able to coordinate the situation beforehand by assigning each and every nurse their role. It was a difficult job, but they managed thanks to his loyal team who gave their best shot.  As a student nurse, the author worked under the strict supervision of a nurse who was an authoritarian. He always dreaded the days he made a mistake or any of other students for that matter.

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