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Obessesive-compulsive dis purchase drift (OCD) is an illness that causes people to have distressing, intrusive, foolish thoughts, images or impulses and to perform repetitive behavioral or mental acts aimed at reducing distress or preventing some dreaded situation. Although e trulyone with OCD has obsessions and/or compulsions, the content varies from person to person. OCD occurs in 1-3 percent of the state and frequently begins in adolescent or young adulthood. Sarah is an controller at 26 years old. She states that she had a pretty normal childhood, exploitation up middle class, and good in school. She is a college refine majoring in mathematics and accounting. Her senior year, she met her boyfriend and became very serious. Sarahs primary obsessions and compulsions were her concern about safety. In college, she would square up the threshold to make certain it was locked several times forrader deviation her dorm. Her concern was more about the safety of others. She had more care at the thought of someone breaking in and steal her roommates items and then feeling as if it were her fault. She alike had anxiety oer mailing a letter, reservation sure she addressed and stamped the letter correctly before set it in the mailbox. She continued her relationship with her boyfriend, acquiring closer and closer, and at long last acquiring engaged. Her fiancé noticed her habits and as time went on apothegm how they were recoverting worse. Right before their wedding date, he finally suggested that she demoralize treatment. She agreed and made an appointment with a psychologist, Dr. Marlene Laslow. Dr. Marlene Laslow tried an doorway called exposure and response prevention. The procedure consists of exposing Sarah to things that would stimulate her anxiety and presentation her that nothing bad will happen. There are umteen types of obsessions. Three of them stated are household anxieties, driving anxieties, and anxieties over destru ctive thoughts and imagery. Household anxiet! ies are items like hair wither or microwave....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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